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The programme gives students an overview of the different aspects of international markets and cross-border transactions, including their economic, managerial, cultural, political and social dimensions. It offers a solid and practical understanding of international business processes and practices, and provides students with relevant and up-to-date knowledge of international trade and finance, international investment and multinational enterprises. The programme builds the knowledge and skills necessary for critical and creative approaches to international business by studying contemporary economic theory, as well as through case studies and interactive learning activities (e.g. simulation games). 

The curriculum includes a broad mix of courses (taught by Polish and foreign lecturers and practitioners) that each touch upon some aspect of international economics and business, and that together give students a unique multidisciplinary perspective as business professionals. As a result, the programme prepares students for a global, diverse career with opportunities across many sectors and industries.

The students are also prepared to conduct an independent business activity whose scope includes foreign markets, as well as to internationalise their own business or family businesses. Finally, the graduates can apply for a Master’s degree.
The Programme has the EFMD Accredited label, the most comprehensive programme accreditation system for business degrees. 


Course leader:

dr Magdalena Myszkowska


Department of International Business

block B, room 208

Senat Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu wyraża zgodę na przyznanie uprawnień laureatom i finalistom olimpiad przedmiotowych przy ubieganiu się o przyjęcie na studia w latach 2019-2022 według konkretnych zasad.


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Student profiles

The key attributes expected of the students on graduation include:

  • take advantage of cross-cultural knowledge, communication and language skills to operate effectively within diversified domestic and multinational organisations;
  • understand the economic, political, legal, social, and cultural forces that affect businesses operating in a globalised economy;
  • develop the awareness of business realities and the confidence to react flexibly to changes and challenges faced in the global business environment;
  • have the potential to be entrepreneurial and take leadership roles in their chosen occupations, careers and communities;
  • communicate in business English effectively and confidently;
  • environment.

Career prospects

  • finance, sales, logistics, marketing and human resources departments of businesses operating in an international context;
  • foreign trade/export-import departments and agencies;
  • international business consulting companies;
  • non-profit organisations operating in an international environment;
  • non-profit organisations operating in an international environment;
  • central or local government entities and public institutions.


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